Stages ,Types

Stages of Implant Treatment

  • Examination by a dentist
  • Various radiographic images
  • Providing treatment plan
  • Implant Surgery
  • Waiting time is about 1 to 6 months
  • Fastening External Implant Screw by the surgeon
  • Passes the few weeks to improve the gums
  • Implant molding
  • Multi-stage manufacturing of laboratory covering
  • Paste or twist the cover on implants and health education
  • Periodic Implant Examination

Types of Implant Treatment Plans

The implant can be used either fixed or semi-movable in treatment plans.


Includes a single tooth replacement or multiple teeth that cannot be used as a bridge and cover a tooth and even a jaw.

Semi-movable (implant-based Overdenture)

It can be placed at least 2 to 4 in the low mandible and 4 in the up mandible and then locked with one tooth. This is done by parts called attachment (male and female). During the day when the tooth is in the mouth, the implants are firmly locked and it doesn’t have tooth decay, but must be removed from the mouth at night. So it is semi-