Laser Application and Prosthetic Care

Post-Surgical and Post-Prosthetic Care

The patient should press the gas on the surgical site for up to 45 minutes after surgery and not eat chewing food for up to 2 hours, and eat soft, watery, cool food overnight. For up to 48 hours the blood supply is normal in the mouth and 5 to 4 days is a normal pain relieved by painkillers. Using ice packs up to (4) hours after surgery can be effective in reducing pain and swelling. The patient can brush all the teeth except the surgical site, and should have a toothbrush on the surgical site from 2 to 5 days after surgery, and mouthwash can be useful from the day after surgery. The sutures are usually no absorbable and should be removed 2 to 14 days after surgery.After implant placement, the toothbrush, Super floss and Waterjet and ordinary dental floss should be maintained at a very high level, with periodic monthly and then annual dental examinations.

Laser Application in Implant Therapy

Low power lasers can be effective in reducing pain and healing gums and bones faster, as well as better implant and jaw transplantation and high power lasers are used in second stage implant surgery. As a whole, laser is one of the latest implant technologies in the world that has proven its effectiveness.