FAQ in implant

Can smokers use implant treatment?

Yes, the level of success in these people is higher and the lifetime of the implant can be affected. But if the smoker has a high level of oral hygiene, he or she can use implant.

Can implants be bridged to adjacent implants?

Yes. The implants should be interconnected (splint).

Does the implant be banned in diabetic people?

No. It is not prohibited if the blood sugar level is controlled and blood sugar is below 140 (at the time of implant surgery). In addition, the risk of success in these patients is higher than in normal individuals and may affect the implant’s lifetime.

Can the implant be attached to the adjacent normal tooth?


Is the implant laminated with temporary or permanent adhesive to the crown?

It is usually always adhered to a temporary adhesive because during periodic examinations the dentist can easily remove the cover.

What are the different brands of implants?

The design of the implants varies according to the shape of the implant and abutment and how the implant is attached to the abutment and implant surface technology is different, but all implants are made of titanium alloy.

Is implantation in anterior teeth is aesthetic treatment?

No. If the disease is looking for beauty in the anterior teeth, it can first use bridging, removable, etc. treatments, however, the implant can provide more durable anterior bone than other treatments without damaging its adjacent teeth and maintaining a jawbone.

What is the best time to implant after tooth extraction based on jaw bone resorption?

The best time, according to the World’s Daily Articles, is four to six months after tooth extraction, after which the bone becomes irreversible. Implant replacement can also be performed after at least 6 months after tooth extraction.

Does the implant have side effects such as affecting the cardiovascular system, etc.?

No. Normally the implant has no side effects on other organs.