A Variety Methods of Replacing Teeth Extractable with a Non-Rebuilding Root

Synchronous method (Fresh socket)

Conventional method

This procedure is replaced immediately after tooth extraction with the remaining root that replace the implant if there is enough bone and no active infection, which, of course, increases the probability of failure compared to the usual method that described below.

In this procedure, the root or tooth is extracted and implanted in a healthy bone after 1 to 6 months that the disadvantage of this is that, it is a safer method than the above method, because the implant is placed in a healthy bone.

Who Can't Use Implant Therapy?

  • People with end-stage systemic disease.
  • People taking immunosuppressive drugs.
  • People who cannot afford surgery due to old age.
  • People with immune deficiency

Duration of Implant Treatment

The implant is usually ready to be covered after surgery in the lower jaw (2) months and in the maxilla (2) months, which may require lateral treatments such as bone graft or sinus lift, etc, sometimes it increases up to (6) months.AttentionThe prosthesis lasts from 3 weeks for a single tooth, up to 1.5 months for a complete two-jaw reconstruction.

Implant Durability

According to that this treatment has a 40-year history in the world, therefore, reports suggest that implants are of high durability, that if treated with the correct principles, the patient has good bone and keep it healthy at a high level and applications for annual periodic visits can be used for at least 1 to 2 years.

Today, the implant success rate in the world is an average of 90-95%.

Side Treatments in Implants

When the jaw does not have the requirements such as diameter and length for standard implant acceptance, treatments such as bone grafts or bone block transplants, as well as treatments such as Sinus lift and Close and Finds Open are required. These treatments are in addition to implant surgery and sometimes delay the time of acceptance of the covering on the implant for up to 6 months. Sometimes implant placement is not possible without these side effects.